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aclyte 2012年12月6日 0時31分
Can't find games :(

I've bought l4d2 two days ago and when i launch game, press "campaign" then press "play online", i get message "no games found"

I've tried everything - in all modes there are no games at all - i thought that it's firewall and turned it off - it not helps.

In "play online" section i can see message "16.000 ppl are playing" but where's games?

I read on forums, that i should chose "custom game" to find games, but i can't find this "custom game" option.

How can i find games?

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Hydra_360ci 2012年12月6日 7時04分 
I'm guessing your Steam Client's download region is set to a location where no one plays L4D2. Change your download region to another country/area.

L4D uses the download region as a server filter.
最近の変更はHydra_360ciが行いました; 2012年12月6日 7時04分
aclyte 2012年12月6日 14時38分 
yes, it helps, thank you
Herc (禁止済) 2012年12月6日 14時46分 
I use openserverbrowser in console alot.
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