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Another Bad Player 2012 12 月 5 @ 12:38下午
The Parish map not working
So I noticed last week that The Parish comes up as a "download" only map for playing, although I've played it plenty of times before, now I can't. Whenever I click on it, it tells me I need to go download it from store.steampowered.com. However, when I click on the link, all it does is take me to the Steam store. Am I the only one with this problem? If so, how the hell do I fix it?
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Hydra_360ci 2012 12 月 6 @ 7:28上午 
I haven't played L4D2 in about a week, but worked fine last time I played, so can't say. But it's probably just you since no one has bothered responding.

Have you verified the game cache', already?
Another Bad Player 2012 12 月 6 @ 9:17上午 
Yup, just ran it and it still shows up as an addon map.
Hydra_360ci 2012 12 月 6 @ 2:11下午 
If you've loaded up some custom campaigns, try removing everything from the addon folder. Maybe one of the custom campaigns broke something.
Another Bad Player 2012 12 月 7 @ 10:13上午 
Sweet, found the problem. There was a custom map called The Parish (Demo) in my addon folder... don't remember downloading that, but removing it fixed it. Thanks!
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