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ϵpsilon ᴙose 2012年12月4日 17時35分
Most popular mutation mode?
What's the most popular mutation mode that people play? I can't find a server in any of the ones I check.
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sG)alpha 8 team SGT CJ 2012年12月4日 17時45分 
ϵpsilon ᴙose 2012年12月4日 18時10分 
okay wat? the only one I find like maybe one server in is the fuel one w/ the cars that's versus, which one has a lot of players?
Izzy 2012年12月4日 18時38分 
Higher-level players like to do Gib Fest, Iron Man, and Hard Eight. That does mean you'll have to play on expert though; not sure what other players like.
ϵpsilon ᴙose 2012年12月4日 20時16分 
^ that was helpful, thanks.
Azimuth 2012年12月4日 22時25分 
AIDS の投稿を引用:
Higher-level players like to do Gib Fest
The other two I could maybe understand for 'higher level' players, but Gib Fest is a borefest walk in the park, I'd have thought higher level players would prefer a challenge.
Izzy 2012年12月4日 23時43分 
Believe me, realism expert gets boring when you constantly play with a group of good players. It becomes so easy we kill each other for the sake of giving ourselves a challenge. Same thing for Iron Man and Hard Eight. Gib fest is a way for us to run around like idiots and mess around with the infected. Of course it also helps when we want to save Gnome Chompski which me and almost every other expert player have agreed is the topmost priority when playing on Dark Carnival.
Ellis 2012年12月6日 11時50分 
Save the gnome, it's almost a religious duty! Plus, on expert you have friendly fire. Gibfest should not be played with n00bs.
Stifler_Cosmin 2012年12月6日 13時35分 
I like to play ''follow the liter''
dino_yoshi13 2012年12月6日 20時27分 
The most popular one is always the one that is shown by default, because most people don't realize they can select different mutations.
1-9 / 9 のコメントを表示
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