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kenu13579 2012年12月3日上午9:56
Game crashes my computer
Everytime I try installing it, It gets like a cm away from finishing and then my computer freezes. Upon restarting, my computer lags horribly til i uninstall it. Is there a way to fix this or is my laptop just not able to handle this
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Buckshot420 2012年12月3日上午10:40 
run windows update and actually search for updates
kenu13579 2012年12月3日上午10:50 
My laptop does that automatically, but if you say that will work. I don't see exactly how though
Hydra_360ci 2012年12月3日上午11:29 
No one know what your laptop is... but a guess would be that it can't handle it.
kenu13579 2012年12月3日上午11:33 
My laptop generally can handle most new games. This one is the first I've had any real trouble. Its a rather new Asus
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