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Pulse[satx] 2012년 12월 1일 오전 11시 55분
Can't join game servers in progress....
For some odd reason i hav'nt veen able to join any currently running game servers. Either im mistaken and there are non running or it could be some ports issue. is anyone else having this problem? Or has anyone gotten around this? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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SubZer0 2012년 12월 1일 오후 10시 27분 
same problem here. It says something that none of the games were not compatible to mine or something
EnigmaticRunner 2012년 12월 2일 오후 9시 53분 
Does it say anything when you're unable to connect? If you've fixed the issue, remember to post your solution so that other players can benefit - like SubZer0 who appears to have the same problem.
Pulse[satx] 2012년 12월 2일 오후 11시 21분 
This issue kinda of fixed itself so its almost pointless for me to let you know.
V.I.P. 2012년 12월 6일 오전 5시 50분 
This is due to a ports issue.You will need to change the settings on ur router. Best free guide at www.portforward.com
Pulse[satx] 2012년 12월 8일 오전 12시 19분 
Thanks for the tip. I'll go ahead and do that just in case this should happen again. I'll also try to pay attention to any future patch notes should they change again.
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