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Eiran_Kisotsu [JP] 2013. máj. 26. @ de. 4:58
Is there anyway to hide modefied game ?
I hate user modefied game , malformated game.

Where Tank flying and Green Skined, wielding Katana,
only T1 Weapon spawn, No Respawn Room,
it sucksssssssssss
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Those Dirty Blues 2013. máj. 26. @ du. 9:49 
Herp your own derp then. Unless applied to a custom server or campaign, all mods are client-side. You don't want mods, don't download them. Easy.
Tzafad 2013. máj. 26. @ du. 10:20 
I think he's talking about when you search for a game.

There is no way of knowing whether or not it's modified.
Those Dirty Blues 2013. máj. 27. @ de. 1:55 
There's no way to tell what the server's going to be like when you connect to it, but I believe there is a way to blacklist servers. I'm pretty sure it's a console command, but I'm not familiar with it and can't say what it is.
Bikes 2013. máj. 27. @ de. 3:29 
Join lobbies instead of games in progress and only stay if it's set to official. I think there's ways of forcing a non official even then but typically it's official. For games in progress use server browser and look for non modded servers on that.
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