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[Dk] Ebrola (Hwolf6) 2013年5月25日 18時41分
No Eminem mods at all?
I can't find even one mod involving Eminem, no modders like Eminem enough or maybe not too many Eminem fans anymore?
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K_Flow 2013年5月26日 10時21分 
They should do a map pack for him, too. And it could be called 8 mile hike. What do you think?
[Dk] Ebrola (Hwolf6) 2013年5月26日 12時03分 
That, my friend, is one of the most awesome ideas i've ever heard in my life.
You sir, are a genius.
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年5月26日 13時22分 
I just read that all music related mods are being taken off the workshop due to copyright.
[Dk] Ebrola (Hwolf6) 2013年5月26日 14時41分 
WUT? Awwww....
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年5月26日 14時43分 
Hwolf6_39 の投稿を引用:
WUT? Awwww....
*shameless plug* I have a guide on how to add your own music to the Jukebox if you'd like to know how, it can be found on my profile.
parker peter 2014年8月1日 16時03分 
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