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BloodShank 2013年5月20日 12時18分
Why are my mods banned all of a sudden?
I got the Steam emails on my phone telling me that my mods are now banned. Did they pass a new set of uploading rules. What will happen to the people who subscribed to my mods? Will they still get to use them? What is going on?
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Lunatix 2013年5月20日 12時23分 
If you use copyrighted musics they will remove them if owner ask.
最近の変更はLunatixが行いました; 2013年5月20日 12時23分
ICS 2013年5月20日 12時35分 
Don't use stuff that isn't made by you.
BloodShank 2013年5月20日 12時58分 
My mods have been up for months and now they are banned. They dont add any music. They are texture mods I made.
Chet 2013年5月20日 16時47分 
You have two pieces of content removed. Both were removed because you are not the original creator of the content.

Do not upload content created by someone else, attributing it to them is not enough.
BloodShank 2013年5月20日 19時35分 
I was given permission to upload the mods.
Old Fart 2013年5月21日 0時59分 
got me.... i dont even know how to do a mod.......lol
BloodShank 2013年5月21日 1時11分 
This is not the only complaint I have. About a month ago the Workshop Manager stopped working for me. So am unable to update any of my mods. and I cant upload new ones.
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