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*TsG*wittyresponse 2013年5月20日上午9:18
Left 4 dead(2) team
i'm making a new left 4 dead/ left 4 dead 2 team for all skills so if you want to join or just play a casual game message me or email me at: dancods@live.com
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Giordano 2013年5月21日上午12:04 
What difficulty level are you going to play?
Old Fart 2013年5月21日上午12:45 
i'm not that good and have only played campain... but i'll give it a go if i'm any help.... :)
Old Fart 2013年5月21日上午12:47 
P/S even if i'm only a target..... (i think thats how i got my name...lol)
[Smoky] 2013年5月21日上午2:05 
XRAYdvs 2013年5月21日上午5:55 
*TsG*wittyresponse 2013年5月21日上午7:55 
i will play various difficultys and it doesent matter about your skill because it wont be a competitive team (more of just a hangout kinda thing) and all types of games will be played vs,campaign etc.
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