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The Ultimate XD 2013年5月20日 5時24分
What is wrong with my L4D?
I noticed that the camera is zoomed in a little or something when i play now. like, the guns seem bigger and take up more space on screen than normal. the default pistol is in the same position as, lets say, the magnum. when i use the magnum, you cant even see the back of the gun because its offscreen. Help?
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Crunchie 2013年5月20日 5時43分 
not sure if we have the same problem, but my lfd2 wont run in 1920x1080. It reverts to 1600x900 when i play? what your resolution set at?
Kamfeth 2013年5月20日 6時12分 
Write this in console
cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor 70 (51 is default) Maybe this'll help you.
Sir 2013年5月20日 7時25分 
Yup definitely a case of a too low cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor.
Try increasing it until you're satisfied.

Just in case you're worried, this isn't a cheat or anything that gives you an advantage. xD
matore33 2013年5月20日 9時31分 
RΞV [A] +37 Monkey Kong 2013年5月20日 9時44分 
i believe cl_viewmodelfovsurvivor is hte culprit as well
The Ultimate XD 2013年5月20日 9時53分 
ok. i run it in 1920x1080. I will definitely try the console thing and see if that helps.

The Ultimate XD 2013年5月20日 9時56分 
Yes, the console trick thing worked for me. Thanks you so much.
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