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Tallstar 16/mai/2013 às 13:51
May someone make a couple models for me?
I would like it if someone could make a Wolf O'Donnel skin for Nick and a Fox McCloud model for Ellis? I would like that very much and would give you my greatest thanks!
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Vilikis 16/mai/2013 às 14:19 
That'd be cool. It'd go well with the Krystal skin for Rochelle.
Tallstar 16/mai/2013 às 14:59 
I have the Krystal one for her. It would work good with the two skins
Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D. 16/mai/2013 às 15:58 
Tallstar 16/mai/2013 às 16:37 
Harley Quinn 16/mai/2013 às 19:16 
yes and no and i dont know
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