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CakeDestroyer 2013年5月14日 12時48分
Players wanted!
Hello as you may of heard of me i am indeed crazy but i hate not having people to play games with so i'm looking for someone anyone too play games with but you must meet up to these requirements ( 1: must have at least one to two of the games i own myself that doesnt inculd TF2 2: must be willing to play some games sometimes i dont really care what your name or picture i dont judge i only ask that your not a jerk and we will get along great.) if you have met those requirements then you SIR/MA'AM YOU ARE AWESOME! LIKE ADD ME NOW NOT LATER NOW well if you need to go too the bathroom then go but come right back and add me! :D
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ZomBi3_Kill3||2 2013年5月14日 16時57分 
do you have borderlands 2 ?? if yes then i am in
CakeDestroyer 2013年5月14日 17時09分 
No but im hoping to get borderlands 2 in a few weeks when i get two 40$ steam cards
CakeDestroyer 2013年5月14日 19時25分 
Hahaha i dont find it hard to belive @munkeyThrust
CakeDestroyer 2013年5月14日 19時25分 
But question is why is he even trying?
Simo Hayha. 2013年5月14日 20時28分 
Probably to make you mad as hell, it's quite hilarious.
CakeDestroyer 2013年5月14日 21時05分 
I know right? XD
1-6 / 6 のコメントを表示
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