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Blue Candle 2013年5月13日 17時59分
Damn it steam workshop
I had enough of L4D2 allways starting up with all my addons enabled, often makeing it unplayable untill I go through every signle damn one. Today I lost my crap and started to unsubscribe to the useless ones I dont use. I go to the page for the item and surprise, its not there anymore. Haveing enough of this I go directly to the source. I open up my L4D2 folder and delete everything in the worshop folder leaving no survivors. Feeling like I have accomplished something I go back on L4D2 with my top mods. But it was only 10 seconds till steam started to redownload all that crap, even the crap I unsubscribed to. So somebody help my or im going to go pyroland all over steam for this. Thank you for reading this. Please help me
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OverlordTomala 2013年5月13日 18時05分 
You need to unsubscribe from all the mods if you want to avoid this.
Blue Candle 2013年5月13日 18時07分 
I did. Then it just redownloading it again when I went through my folders to delete it from there. Also some of them wont be unsubscribed to to them being banned or whatever thats why I went through my folder and deleted it there at the source. Sorry about the long rage post but that was the last straw, the list is getting to big for me to handle.
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年5月14日 13時09分 
www.l4dmaps.com All your problems will be solved.
Blue Candle 2013年5月14日 14時55分 
LucK_NoT_SkiLL の投稿を引用:
www.l4dmaps.com All your problems will be solved.
I use that now. What im trying to do is get rid of my workshop crap thats unsibscribable cause it cant find the page. Also the 2 reasons why I hate workshop 1: have to be online and 2: 90% of the time it is allways enabled at start which screws you up so you have to go through each one unchecking it.
1-4 / 4 のコメントを表示
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