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{OB} ♥8-Bit Pie♥ 2013年5月11日下午1:12
Weird noise when i play l4d2
when i play this weird buzzing fart noise keeps happening does anyone know why? is it my mods from the workshop causing this?
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ChocomintCA 2013年5月11日下午4:29 
Is it like a squeak when you reload or something?
{OB} ♥8-Bit Pie♥ 2013年5月11日下午5:18 
its not just when i reload and its this weird eletronic noise
Shao 2013年5月11日下午5:58 
snd_rebuildaudiocache to fix, if they persist, means one of your sound mods is corrupt and need to be checked.
Fridge LargeMeat 2013年5月11日下午6:41 
If a sound mod isn't made properly, i.e. wrong frequency or length, it will make strange noises whenever it plays. If it's constant, try rebuilding the audio cache or verifying game files.
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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