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{OB} ♥Hot Human Rarity♥ 2013年5月11日 13時12分
Weird noise when i play l4d2
when i play this weird buzzing fart noise keeps happening does anyone know why? is it my mods from the workshop causing this?
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ChocomintCA 2013年5月11日 16時29分 
Is it like a squeak when you reload or something?
{OB} ♥Hot Human Rarity♥ 2013年5月11日 17時18分 
its not just when i reload and its this weird eletronic noise
Shao 2013年5月11日 17時58分 
snd_rebuildaudiocache to fix, if they persist, means one of your sound mods is corrupt and need to be checked.
Captain Caboose 2013年5月11日 18時41分 
If a sound mod isn't made properly, i.e. wrong frequency or length, it will make strange noises whenever it plays. If it's constant, try rebuilding the audio cache or verifying game files.
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