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[RA1470]DerDude 2013年5月11日上午10:17
Search for a good Moder
I thougt "A Abigail "Misty" Briarton skin for Zoey would be nice" but there is one problem, I´m not good in moding. So i search for a Man, or a woman, that can make some, or upload it to the workshop. Hopfully someone can help, or answer me. (Sorry for my bad english) When someone is intrest i send them some Pics of "Misty"

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LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年5月11日下午2:08 
Put this in the Workshop Discussions section, you'll reach more modders that way!
[RA1470]DerDude 2013年5月11日下午2:13 
thanks for the Tipp :D
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