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16Bitman 2013年5月9日 10時52分
Team Versus - No one plays it anymore?
I'm currently looking with a team for another team, we'd really like to try to get the Team Versus Achievement. It would be great if another team could also start team versus now.
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Bikes 2013年5月9日 13時30分 
It's never really been that active since there's no actual reason to use it. It's just as easy to make a lobby with your team and that doesn't require the other team to be pre-made as well.
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年5月10日 8時15分 
Did you create 2 discussions for this?
16Bitman 2013年5月10日 10時06分 
Looks like I clicked the send button twice and accidently created 2 topics.
ComicAverage 2013年5月10日 19時26分 
People stills plays Versus
✘BL@CK_SONIC_SSS✘ 2013年5月11日 23時34分 
i love to play vs.
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