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Alegro 2013年5月7日下午4:09
Where's dead bodies and blood?!!
Hey guys, I downloaded Left 4 Dead 2 today via Steam. I play it as well, but zombies' dead bodies disappear when they die. Their legs and arms don't break. I was playing this game months ago, it wasn't like this. Zombies had blood and breaking legs or heads. What do I need to do? It feels like a little child playing horror game, lol :D No blood or breaking legs :/
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Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月7日下午4:21 
You could check in your options in the multiplayer section if your gore level is high or low. I turned it to low by myself one time and when I played the infected didn't loose any limbs, too.
最后由 Nino_Chaosdrache 编辑于; 2013年5月7日下午4:21
Commander FPS 2013年5月7日下午9:50 
yeah that shouldn't happen, when i use an AK of Chrome Shotgun ( Auto-Shotty ) or any other high-damage weapon there is normally alot of blood, and pieces of chest/ arms/ head should go off. To be helpful, check visual settings like Nino said, some games have blood and gore options.
Alegro 2013年5月8日上午3:26 
Oh, thank you so much guys! I'll check it out.
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月8日上午6:14 
I hope it will work and that everything is fine then^^;
Alegro 2013年5月8日上午6:21 
Yeah! It was on low and I turned it high. Now blood is much more but legs or arms still don't break. Thanks again! :)
Nino_Chaosdrache 2013年5月8日下午3:17 
You're welcome. ^^ And sometimes it depends on the weapon and where you hit the infected if they loose a limb or not. I also don't always see arms flying around if I use a shot gun ;)
最后由 Nino_Chaosdrache 编辑于; 2013年5月8日下午3:17
zexx11 2013年5月8日下午3:23 
Search for and download `Improved Blood Textures' in the workshop to further enhance your experience.
最后由 zexx11 编辑于; 2013年5月8日下午3:24
D|F|G That1Beatboxer 2013年7月29日上午3:05 
Are your zombies dead bodies still there or do they dissappear?
A player69 Topkek 2013年8月4日上午11:25 
Check your multiplayer settings. You should see Gore. If it's set to Low, set it to High. I see you live in Turkey, it shouldn't give you low violence
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