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Mr. Bones 5 mag 2013, ore 3:20
Missing Content for Left 4 Dead 2 Beta
Hello all, I've downloaded Left 4 Dead 2 beta and subscribed to the campaigns it claims to be compatable with (Back to school 1-7, City 17, Urban Fight aaaaaand diescraper redux, liked from l4d.com/blog.

They've appeared in left 4 dead 2 but not left 4 dead 2 beta wher eI assumed them to go to. They have been installed to the location D:\Steam\userdata\52795126\ugc\referenced\

Inside this folder are folders named a lot of numbers, with each of these containing a data.vdf file and a folder called myl4d2addons with a .vpk folder in them.

What's happend?
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Rectus 5 mag 2013, ore 9:32 
The blog is a bit unclear on this, but the campagins are supported on the offical servers for the stable version, not the beta.

Campaigns from the stable version should generally work with the beta, but you'll have to copy thiem over manually to the left 4 dead2 beta\lef4dead2beta\addons directory. There is no official server support either.

There is also a workshop for the beta, but most of the campaigns there (except for mine) are left over from the beta for the workshop itself.
Mr. Bones 5 mag 2013, ore 19:23 
Ha, ok cheers, so they beta IS JUST for testing the extended mutations?
Rectus 6 mag 2013, ore 0:15 
Yeah, plus testing Linux support.
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