The Guppy 29 avr 2013 à 17h38
Hey guys, who is your favorite character in the L4D franchise?
we all know that I am your favorite.... right?
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Sky Spider Girl空クモ 29 avr 2013 à 17h40 
Francis, Ellis, Luis, Zoey, Bill, Nick, Coach, Rochelle

In that order
Sp00ky Gh0st 29 avr 2013 à 20h17 
that is all
♥.:Ⓜrs. ⓂcⒷutt:.♥ 29 avr 2013 à 20h28 
oBey 30 avr 2013 à 6h42 
Virgil and Keith.
GЯΛY` 30 avr 2013 à 14h23 
The Church Guy
☯SOUL☯ Orbital Inc 30 avr 2013 à 14h56 
Zak 30 avr 2013 à 15h18 
the coke guy
Xbox Won 30 avr 2013 à 15h39 
gordan freeman
The Big Bad Wolf 30 avr 2013 à 16h02 
Nick, Bill, Ellis, and Zoey
DrummererX 30 avr 2013 à 17h13 
Opal (Banni) 30 avr 2013 à 20h08 
The crazy church guy.
tokixjam 30 avr 2013 à 20h41 
Ellis for sure.
WhenKeepingItRealGoesWrong 30 avr 2013 à 22h14 
\CCC\ Senpai [FI] 1 mai 2013 à 1h20 
Ellis, Bill and Virgil
Lt_xBrainz 1 mai 2013 à 1h48 
Honestly, my favorites are Ellis, Zoey, Rochelle, Nick and Francis.
I love Ellis's dialouge.
Zoey & Rochelle are the typical females.
Nick & Francis are ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥s, ♥♥♥♥♥♥bags and pretty much resemble me in a much more manlery way.
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