Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2

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Campaign Marathon
Is anyone interested in doing a playthrough of all official L4D+L4D2 campaigns?

Please be sure you are ok with expert difficulty.
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miraqlx 29. huhti, 2013 9.41 
I'd be interested. Preferably with mic (:
id do it but i need L4D i have L4D2 though
ohhhhh nvm i couldnt fight my way out of paper bag LOL
NOBBIT 29. huhti, 2013 17.31 
We'll need 1(2?) more for this. Hopefully more will see this thread and we can start later in the week.
id like to join too
Aclion 29. huhti, 2013 20.34 
I'dlike to, but saving up for both lol.
NOBBIT 30. huhti, 2013 5.50 
awsomenezz lähetti viestin:
I'dlike to, but saving up for both lol.

You get l4d maps for free with l4d2 so you might not want to buy them both.
I would like to play with you :)
I hate Expert.
Guess who i am!
miraqlx 1. touko, 2013 21.26 
NinjaPony36 lähetti viestin:
I hate Expert.

Shut up, Francis.
Lol, but i guess i will.
I am kinda bad at Expert but we can try
I would
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