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Beer Beers 2013. ápr. 25. @ de. 2:09
Casual clan thingy

We're a casual youtube l4d2 clan looking for some above avarage players most preferable with a mic, goal is to make some funny moments montage, get to know some interesting peoples.
Just in general have a blast ;) Add for more info, don't foget to have a nice day!
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Rain Darkrai 2013. ápr. 26. @ du. 7:00 
I am interested in joining: however, as of the time of me writting this, no one in your clan is currently online.
Beer Beers 2013. ápr. 27. @ de. 6:14 
That's why we are verry casual, a lot of us have some crazy stuff to do in daily life, university, hard work,... This is going to be a clan that is active when it wants to be. If you are really looking for hardcore activity of the members every hour of the day I'd probably not recomend you joined us ;)
Rain Darkrai 2013. ápr. 27. @ de. 6:48 
I understand perfectly. I'm slightly less than casual myself, and I can see why a three-person group of other casual people won't always be online. If you ever want/need another person for anything and I'm on, I'll often be available. Just give me a shout.
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