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maxzimusprime 2013年4月24日 5時21分
Pause when press escpae
How do I undo that?!?!
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maxzimusprime 2013年4月24日 5時44分 
i was playing in multiplayer and it happen not only in normal games but survival and mutation
maxzimusprime 2013年4月24日 5時50分 
SuperLazyDude[BigSaviour1] Mar 1, 2013 @ 2:14pm
Local Server Pause Issues.
Recently I've been playing addon maps so of course I'm using a local server. It's all been fine until today. For some odd reason if I hit "escape" or bring up the console, it pauses the game for everybody. Likewise, anyone else can do it. I tried to see if it was an addon I had that was bugging out but I checked all the addons I had added after I saw the problem but it didn't change when I removed them from the addon file. I'm not sure if the local server is supposed to work that way but it's very annoying. If anyone can tell me how to fix it, or if it even needs to be fixed at all, please tell me. I'd appreciate it ^.^

same guy who posted it so i yea i think it happen to me and when i asked my friend whose playing with me gave me the same wtf look. we were shocked for the first time since i got this game whereby it can be pause
maxzimusprime 2013年4月24日 6時02分 
nope and i dunno what is that ohh well its ok i just restart my comp and it's been working normally ever since
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