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2 Chainz 2013年4月20日 12時47分
Conflicting files
I can't start a single player game as the spitter model is conflicting with some files, i've got some add ons but none of them for the spitter model, it says conflicting with files models.infected/spitter/mgl
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Mr.Diddlez 2013年4月20日 12時55分 
i have the same problem but with the smoker..the thing is that some addons like smoker tongue colour to purple and smoker skins are actually the same thing...many people confuse them as seperate things...maybe try when your att he menu un clicking one of those spitter models?
2 Chainz 2013年4月20日 12時56分 
i actually haven't got any spitter models, i've got tank, charge, boomer and smoker ones though
Mr.Diddlez 2013年4月20日 13時03分 
ah..i see....yeah i notice that but again maybe it is a seprate file, not the spitter model,etc,etc, which might be a add on you may have installed? be best to double check the conditions and crap that go along with each add on just incase they do cause conflicts.
goodpotato 2013年4月20日 13時05分 
Activate one at a time and start the game. Till it messes up. Then get rid of the problem child
2 Chainz 2013年4月20日 13時08分 
i've had to untick the deathcraft campaign add on and it's seemed to work, appreciate the help
Mr.Diddlez 2013年4月20日 13時10分 
your welcome..any time old chap :D
2 Chainz 2013年4月20日 13時11分 
i overlooked the campaign being ticked as i've just downloaded a lot of add-ons for left for dead 2, glad it's working now anyway
LucK_NoT_SkiLL 2013年4月20日 13時14分 
The Deathcraft campaign is well known for causing such problems, beware!
2 Chainz 2013年4月20日 13時15分 
Thanks for the heads up, i'll only tick it when i need to use it
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