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Gigan II 2013年4月18日 22時12分
Classic Mode Mutation/Workshop mod
Just a quick thing I thought about earlier. A lot of people I know prefer Left 4 Dead 1, but how could they? It has less, and we can play the old maps in left 4 dead 2, all in one.

But the thing is, anyone who's played Left 4 Dead since it came out, PC or Xbox, knows Left 4 Dead 1 did actually play a lot differently than the sequel. Just the simple change of adding new special infected really changed how each special could work, adding in different weapons for 1 weapon class rather made gameplay less streamlined and more chaotic (which is not always a bad thing) melee items changed the way the game is played almost completely. The amount of special infected made versus feel more random and honestly some of the specials overlapped in niche, limiting their usefulness, compared to the distinct roles the Hunter, Smoker and Boomer had in the first game.

So what if a "classic" mode was made that made Left 4 Dead 2 behave like the original? Only specials are the Boomer Hunter and Smoker, no melee weapons, no desert eagle, etc etc. While I think some of you may say "So Left 4 Dead 2...with less? huh?" Sometimes less is more, and that more is fluidity of gameplay and making sure each element of the game has its own niche and there's no redundancy's or a high amount of variables that spin the game into a jamboree on occasion. It would just play differently as how it is now, and act like the original, which I know some people prefer.

This is just a thought at 1 AM so maybe this is a horrible idea, but I'll wait and see what others think.
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Gimmeh Jibbs! 2013年4月19日 1時30分 
It's called Left 4 Dead, mate. Valve will not add something like a "classic mode" to Left 4 Dead 2 because it will pretty much obfuscate Left 4 Dead, without any of the pros such as empty reloads for the shotguns, proper hand alignment (no seriously, have you seen the original survivor hands in L4D2?), and viewmodel legs.
Left 4 Dead started this, perhaps it deserves some recognition for being the great game that it is? There's no point in rolling the game into Left 4 Dead 2, it's easily worthy enough to stand on its own.
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