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*Hunter* 2013年4月16日 13時58分
Whats with the add-on guns?
Why is there add-on guns or whatever, like the AWP, the scout, the mp5, and the sg-552?
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Lunatix 2013年4月16日 14時19分 
If there is a german guy on the server, there are these weapons. It's only included in ger version.
最近の変更はLunatixが行いました; 2013年4月16日 14時21分
*Hunter* 2013年4月16日 15時10分 
what are you saying i have the german version?
MystMan 2013年4月16日 16時46分 
no, you were playing WITH another German player. This affects everybody else in the game session. We all have those guns in our games, they are just locked. They are unlocked when we play with a German player.

Some custom servers can have them unlocked as well for everybody.
*Hunter* 2013年4月16日 18時18分 
Well ive played singler player with these guns
Gimmeh Jibbs! 2013年4月16日 19時12分 
The "International" CS:S weapons were added to the German versions as a censorship compensation, I believe. They are actually in every version of Left 4 Dead 2, but cannot be accessed or do damage without console commands or sourcemod plugin in non-German versions.
*Hunter* 2013年4月17日 15時46分 
Or after a chapter and those are CS:S weapons?
DoomedYoshi 2014年7月30日 5時55分 
I would happily trade my gore for the weapons that the German Version has ^^
*Hunter* 2014年7月30日 11時04分 
well if you want the weapons to work on sigler player you start on 1 chapter then WHEN YOU ARE AT THE SAFE HOUSE the loading will activate the weapons
Squishymishy 2014年7月30日 11時38分 
Else it is possible for modded servers to add them in automatically.

(Any of the good ones do/should)
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