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The Brown Hornet 2013年4月10日 17時17分
Little Things You Like About L4D2?
It sucks to be a zombie, when they aren't chasing the living they just sitting around bored, vomiting on themselves, leaning on walls, staring out into nothingness, almost as if they are experiencing extreme depression.
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DarkChristmastalMethod 2013年4月10日 17時21分 
The occasional bouts of everybody singing together in times of crisis.

Badmotorfinger 2013年4月10日 17時32分 
The fact that all zombie noises are actually Mike Patton being crazy with his voice.

The Jockey's laugh.

Louis going OHNO!!! OOOOOH!!!

The Brown Hornet 2013年4月10日 17時35分 
Pills here!!
TBAGtv 2013年4月10日 19時16分 
The crazy crap that zombies do in L4D that ♥♥♥♥es you off at first but you realise later if it didn't happen then you'd probably quit playing the game or become a mod freak.
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