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Nessero 2013年4月10日上午1:29
left 4 dead 2 dedicated server problem
Have ds server on Ubuntu 12.04 and when connect from the client game to server have this message "Invalid host version, expecting 2122, got 2120
BinkOpen( d:\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2\media\l4d2_background02.bik )" Tried to update with script, did not help. Pls help!
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ertesda 2013年4月10日上午5:49 
It seems that the version of the client is more up-to-date. Maybe the update wasn´t applied to the Ubuntu SRCDS yet?
Nessero 2013年4月10日下午11:34 
hmmm... good version. Thanks .
ertesda 2013年4月11日上午6:23 
You´re welcome.
Nessero 2013年4月12日上午3:33 
And one more problem, how to make myself administrator of the server
Macrone 2013年4月12日下午1:30 
Have you set an rcon password on the server?
Nessero 2013年4月12日下午10:27 
no need remote console, it's important ?
Macrone 2013年4月13日上午8:59 
Well, if you set an rcon password then you can kick and ban people. You could also install metamod source and sourcemod on your server. This will give you a lot more to work with.
Nessero 2013年4月14日上午2:20 
I know how to do rcon, but how to install mods... have you got any manuals?
Macrone 2013年4月14日上午10:27 
http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_Metamod:Source to install metamod. You need this in order to load sourcemod. This will help you with sourcemod. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. http://wiki.alliedmods.net/Installing_SourceMod
Nessero 2013年4月14日下午10:20 
big thanks to you!
Macrone 2013年4月15日上午1:32 
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