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EXILED BEEF 2013年4月9日上午9:28
Why so slow?
When ever i go into the l4d2 workshop it takes ages to load it even does it when i check my messages why?
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Lord Maximus 2013年4月9日上午9:29 
Because you have a slow internet connection? lol jk. Who knows.... it works really fast for me though.
最后由 Lord Maximus 编辑于; 2013年4月9日上午9:32
EXILED BEEF 2013年4月9日上午9:33 
Ok thanks, it could be my internet but everything else is fine, should i try deleting it and then re-installing it?
Lord Maximus 2013年4月9日上午9:49 
I would try playing around with your internet connection 1st.

Are you using a router? If so, are you connected to it wirelessly or through an ethernet cable?
EXILED BEEF 2013年4月10日上午2:16 
router and its wireless
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