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ShadowAssassin0821 2013年4月7日 20時06分
Please tell me im not the only one.
am i the only person thats getting "this game is unavalable at the moment. please try again at another time."? it's starting to tick me off.
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XplodingPie 2013年4月9日 14時12分 
your not the only one...
[HOH]Hellion666 2013年4月9日 20時23分 
Usually a comp/steam restart fixes that issue :)
ShadowAssassin0821 2013年4月15日 14時35分 
Doc81 2013年4月16日 15時20分 
steam gives me the same message for two weeks now, i have to admit im a little peved off
these things usally go away in a hour or so but not this time. if eny one knows how to fix
please let me know
Lunatix 2013年4月16日 15時54分 
Verify game cache, allow steam and game in firewall.
rickoshayjr 2013年4月16日 15時56分 
Same issue here. Keep re-doing the game cache and then it stops downloading before it completes. Works only after I completely re-boot. And then it only works the first time I load it.
Alteration 2013年4月21日 8時11分 
Im not sure if anyone is still having this issue; but I suggest you ensure Steam is launched as an Administrator. I was having this problem for weeks, i don't know exactly what causes it to start happening (it used to run perfectly fine before).
I know this is my issue as attempting to run it without "Run as Administrator" causes this error message to occur, but works fine when run wiith "Run as Administrator"
ShadowAssassin0821 2013年4月23日 18時51分 
i have just about givin up all hope and started playing Terraria instead. Thanks guys for trying to help!
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