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Chill and triumph 2013年4月5日 5時51分
How to reset region please
Im from Asia and I connect to Europe , someone can tell how to fix
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Chill and triumph 2013年4月5日 20時59分 
after that reinstall l4d2 again ?
turvey900 2013年4月5日 22時05分 
no, just restart steam and when you look for a lobby it will find one nearest your steam download / cloud location.
m30w 2013年4月5日 22時05分 
NO, theres no need to reinstall any content...for some reason when steam is installed it sets you default location to one of the main steam hubs rather than the closest one to you. Obviously something that needs to be fixed.
Chill and triumph 2013年4月6日 4時42分 
My region changed to Malaysia already. But still connect to RU server .
:(( Can tell me properly way to solve it ? please
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