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Ran: The Kitsune of Yakumo 2013年3月31日 22時40分
Sprays are not showing up
I been playing l4d2 for a while, up until about 1 month ago, my sprays always shown up and others can see them. Now, none can see them. I already did the verify program option. Anyone having the same problem?
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Bikes 2013年3月31日 22時46分 
You're spray is not showing up, or sprays in general? For sprays in general there's a option in the menu that disables them I think (under multiplayer IIRC). If it's just yours try switching your spray/reuploading it.
Ran: The Kitsune of Yakumo 2013年4月1日 0時29分 
I can see default sprays other spray, but I can't see custom spray that others spray, and they can't see mine. I can see mine though
ArmedMonkey 2013年7月17日 16時11分 
I seem to be experiencing this too.
Monkey Does 2013年10月18日 15時06分 
No one's found out how to fix this yet?
Ctrl-Alt-Del-U 2014年5月6日 3時54分 
whoa, no solution to this problem yet? I have that problem too and it's god•damn 2014
最近の変更はCtrl-Alt-Del-Uが行いました; 2014年5月6日 3時54分
Generic anime watcher 2014年7月13日 9時03分 
Try to resize your spray?
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