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=]KK[=Smithy 2013年3月29日 1時49分
Problem loading game
When I double click game it comes up with "the game is currently unavalible, please try again someother time" its been like this for 2 days now, iv only just bought it
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HEV Elite 2013年3月29日 5時15分 
1. Are you using a mac?
2. Try changing download regions (Steam>Settings>Downloads+Cloud>Download Region)
3. Validate files
4. Last resort just re-install L4D2
=]KK[=Smithy 2013年3月30日 5時23分 
Hi mate, thanks for reply, I Had to reinstall it, played ok for abit then done it again, however my AVG interfeared with it so im hoping its that
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