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| GeT_RiGhT_ A_ ZiYaD_ 2013年3月28日下午7:53
Are L4D buy or download???
i dont know how to get l4d but i'm want to talk... Are L4D buy or download???
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Bikes 2013年3月28日下午11:18 
....Wtf are you asking? And you're playing the game...soo? You figured it out I guess?
| GeT_RiGhT_ A_ ZiYaD_ 2013年3月29日上午1:10 
yes IM ASKING! -) iam play the game but.... im playing L4D2
Pronouncemyname 2013年3月29日上午1:26 
I'm guessing English is not your first language... Uh, this is the L4D2 forum, so if you are asking something about the first L4D, you might be better off asking there.
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