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Ken Jutsu 2013년 3월 28일 오전 11시 48분
Please help!
I bought l4d2 disc today, but after i installed it the game dosent even start. I have reinstalled it several times, but still...nothing happens! If anybody knows how to fix, please help me.
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m30w 2013년 3월 28일 오전 11시 56분 
Did the disc come w/ a key? If so go to games > activate a game and after that your game should register to your account and you can download it from your games list.
Ken Jutsu 2013년 3월 28일 오후 12시 01분 
If you by a "key" mean product code? then yes. If not, then im lost.
Ching Chong Long Schlong 2013년 3월 28일 오후 2시 52분 
do you guys know how to download steam cloud?
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