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the predatorQc 2013年3月28日上午10:38
about the dlc
hi guys, im new to the game, i want to get the official add ons made by the game developper but im lost in this new workshop system, a little help would be appreciated thx
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the predatorQc 2013年3月28日下午9:13 
is it already in the game content?
Bikes 2013年3月28日下午11:16 
The PC version of L4D2 doesn't really have DLC, it just gets patched automatically and that adds all official content. The workshop is simply a way to easily download fan made mods.
the predatorQc 2013年3月29日下午2:42 
ok so thats why in my menu i can play the origonal campaings from the first one too.
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