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Dryex 2013年3月28日上午10:33
Am i allowed recording while playing Left 4 Dead 2 and then put it on youtube?
Please help me;)
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Bikes 2013年3月28日上午10:33 
Yup, go nuts.
Dryex 2013年3月28日上午10:34 
Are you sure that i am allowed?
Beer Beers 2013年3月28日上午10:58 
I do it all the time and never get any problems with it ;)
flyinghitcher 2013年3月28日上午11:57 
Single player I don,t think there are any issues, though public, I think you need an agreed consent from those involved. I doubt anyone would mind, less they behave badly and are ashamed !
Dryex 2013年3月28日下午1:20 
okey thanks for your answers;)
Cogajon 2013年3月28日下午1:41 
I don't know why you wouldn't be. You can record any game any time you want to.
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