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[smoke] Saffaron 2013. márc. 28. @ de. 6:35
Help cant play
When i play campaign i wait for the loading screen to finish then when it finishes all i hear are repeated noises then it eventually crashes my computer
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node357 2013. márc. 29. @ de. 1:39 
Yeah, same here. This is the second game Valve has ruined for me, with the other being TF2. TF2 hasn't worked since october 2011. Valve never fixes anything. No wonder so-called "piracy" is rampant. You don't steal back something you sell someone. It's criminal. Don't expect this to be fixed. Next time you want a Valve game just take the alternate route, because they never fix the problems they cause.
HEV Elite 2013. márc. 29. @ de. 5:16 
1. Does the game just crash to desktop
2. Does the game freeze and the window pops up "Left 4 Dead 2 has stopped responding"
[smoke] Saffaron 2013. márc. 29. @ de. 8:22 
Crash to desktop, but then after maybe 3 minutes of noises it crashes the whole computer
HEV Elite 2013. márc. 29. @ du. 8:39 
Graphical problem, do you have Nvida or ATI graphics?
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