[smoke] Saffaron 28. maalis, 2013 6.35
Help cant play
When i play campaign i wait for the loading screen to finish then when it finishes all i hear are repeated noises then it eventually crashes my computer
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node357 29. maalis, 2013 1.39 
Yeah, same here. This is the second game Valve has ruined for me, with the other being TF2. TF2 hasn't worked since october 2011. Valve never fixes anything. No wonder so-called "piracy" is rampant. You don't steal back something you sell someone. It's criminal. Don't expect this to be fixed. Next time you want a Valve game just take the alternate route, because they never fix the problems they cause.
HEV Elite 29. maalis, 2013 5.16 
1. Does the game just crash to desktop
2. Does the game freeze and the window pops up "Left 4 Dead 2 has stopped responding"
[smoke] Saffaron 29. maalis, 2013 8.22 
Crash to desktop, but then after maybe 3 minutes of noises it crashes the whole computer
HEV Elite 29. maalis, 2013 20.39 
Graphical problem, do you have Nvida or ATI graphics?
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