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RussianMeerkat 2013年3月20日 4時18分
Left 4 dead 2 next sale
L4d2 had 75% off last week, will there be another sale like that soon?
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SirSmack'ems 2013年3月20日 7時54分 
Most likely, but as to when? that we will not know. Unless you can find it else where cheap, and if I recall and anyone please correct me if I am wrong, the last L4D2 sale was back in oct and probably the winter sale also.
Crix 2013年3月20日 10時36分 
Do they have Spring Break sells? There are a ton of Vavle games I still want.
Nuclear Kangaroo 2013年3月20日 11時02分 
probably during summer
Beaver Da Cereal 2013年3月20日 12時26分 
during summers theres always these extra sales. if you missed the sale last week i feel bad for you..
Llama with several hats 2013年3月20日 14時02分 
i heard steam does easter sales
Mr MacGoo Chan ヽ(;▽;)ノ 2013年3月20日 17時54分 
I've bought ir 5 days ago xD
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