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legobrick100 2013年3月19日下午6:45
L4d2 Clan???
Has anyone ever done this? created a clan for l4d2? not in the general sence, such as a large number of people, but a 4(to suit l4d) person team,each with different skills? I am thinking about starting one. mainly looking for 4 distinct skills. (strategy,shooting,etc) (can't think of another 2) what do you guys think? good idea,bad idea?
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Ragin Cajun 2013年3月19日下午6:46 
probibly been done. Use the group search? Actually, I almost gaurantee it's been done. But yeah, if that's what you want to do buddy give it a whirl!
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AWG_Midget_X 2013年3月19日下午7:13 
join us
Fast Twitch 2013年3月20日上午4:49 
They confogl players that create steam groups for their team.

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