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Call me Baby 2013年3月18日上午5:38
left 4 dead 2 cant start dowload???
just bought left 4 dead2 ,when i tried to dowloand the game it says server too busy to handle your request, and i already wait for whole day. how could i solve this problem??
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Beaver Da Soiled One 2013年3月18日上午5:40 
there is nothing to fix you have to wait
SgBriggs 2013年3月18日上午5:52 
You are not the only one. I cant install either and i have tryed over 20 times. all in diferant days to stop the "wait a mintue" people.
Black Knight 2013年3月18日上午5:58 
Im downlaoding the game currently, just like you guys, just bought it no problems, and its 45% now,. Im using indonesian download server
SgBriggs 2013年3月18日上午5:59 
how do you choose?
Black Knight 2013年3月18日上午6:01 
Go to steam tabs beside "view" tab, choose setting and then "download+cloud" you can choose the download region from there. Note: im using indonesian server because im in indonesia.
SgBriggs 2013年3月18日上午6:02 
Black Knight 2013年3月18日上午6:22 
引用自 SgBriggs
You're welcome..
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