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Blaze 2013年3月17日 8時42分
I have not got any player joining my mutation games! :(
you can friend me and i will accept it and then u can play mutation with be!! ha i kno i sound like im whineing, sorry! add me
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RexOrchid 2013年3月17日 9時05分 
Mutations aren't really that popular. They're more like something you play among friends. However, try some modded servers and you might find a close knit community that plays a 'mutated' version of the game. You'll find friends fast, just add those who you play well with and try to join their game. Then try mutations with those friends.
Jockeyjumper 2013年3月17日 9時18分 
mutations are really fun
Derek The Vampwolf 2013年3月17日 9時43分 
ive seen it on youtube but ive never tried it before so if you want i can try
Blaze 2013年3月17日 10時17分 
hey guys! loggin off for a few hours beem on ALL day and last night. She u guys later!!!we will play mutation later!

Blaze <3
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