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Hanukkah Soar-a 2013年3月16日 12時41分
I need a group for l4d2 thats LOVES to play around
You dont have to have a mic or anything just a fun person we might, do expert and stuff some custom maps if anyone wants to have FUN just comment REMEBER THIS IS TO HAVE THE FUNNZ
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Hanukkah Soar-a 2013年3月16日 12時43分 
We can down each other and be ♥♥♥♥♥ c: please when we need to be srs (never) is to (never) be srs
Hanukkah Soar-a 2013年3月16日 12時44分 
oh you need to know how to download custom maps off the workshop and l4dmaps.com
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Hanukkah Soar-a 2013年3月16日 13時38分 
You have to now comment before asking because im having people add me and not do anything
Goddess RAWR!!! 2013年3月16日 18時36分 
The Catholic Cooter Catcher 2013年3月17日 1時42分 
FUN?! i could go for some fun! :D
cammers 2013年3月17日 4時40分 
Download Resident Evil Outbreak from L4Dmaps.com and ill play.

I will still play with you on official campaigns, but i only like expert mode cause its always intense and never a dull moment.
ThatYouCanBetOn 2013年3月20日 5時15分 

Here is a group that still plays L4D2 actively
Grumpysaurus Rex 2013年3月20日 7時09分 
Lets play :) I have some friends if we get 8 ppl we could play VS :)
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