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ASSPISS MCSHIT 2013年10月23日下午2:46
3rd person view?
I've seen some videos of L4D gameplay with from a 3rd person view. I was wondering if there was any mod or console command to enable that view?
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ASSPISS MCSHIT 2013年10月23日下午3:15 
oh sweet,thanks! these mods will work with steam,right?
BecomingBig E 2013年10月23日下午3:15 
Yeah. I've been using that mod for a while now.
ASSPISS MCSHIT 2013年10月23日下午3:16 
awesome! thanks again!
Sky Spider Girl空クモ 2013年10月23日下午3:20 
引用自 AngryMarine
oh sweet,thanks! these mods will work with steam,right?

Do these mods work with steam? What other Valve game are you talking about here? XD

Also the console command is thirdpersonshoulder
最后由 Sky Spider Girl空クモ 编辑于; 2013年10月23日下午3:20
SydneyPolska the Doritos King 2013年10月24日上午2:03 
type in console
sv_cheats 1;thirdperson_mode;sv_cheats 0
Hyouri Yogurting 2014年3月22日上午7:35 
says "Third_person_view.vpk is not a valid source engine add-on. installation failed." when i open the file. Halp, what do?
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