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Sharak Obama 2013년 10월 23일 오후 12시 28분
An issue with "Still Something To Prove" achievement.
I've had Dead Center, The Parish and Dark Carnival for a long time but recently tried to get back to getting it. Passed Swamp Fever on Expert the other day, and it registered and showed as 4.5 both in-game and in the Steam achievement list. Today, it's rolled back to 3/5, deleting Swamp Fever. Some other friends of mine have been having similar issues. What gives?
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Dr Chaos MK 2013년 10월 24일 오후 8시 49분 
1) Play on Official Dedicated.
2) Do not play on 3rd party servers.
3) Do not play on local host games.
4) Playing Mutations have been known to screw up achievements. ( not just the Expert ones )
Philosophator 2014년 2월 17일 오후 11시 34분 
I have this problem without cheats enabled and playing on Official Dedicated servers (when I can actually get onto one!). I've seen several times where I have completed one of the required campaigns, seen it marked when I check "achievements", only to have it unmarked the next day. This is driving me crazy!
Sharak Obama 2014년 2월 19일 오전 2시 24분 
Playing on Official Dedicated solved the problem for me. Sorry I can't be of any more help!
Lady Skaði [ΞØP] 2014년 2월 20일 오전 5시 46분 
Play with a team on mutation with M60's. It works better and make sure when you play it's not at a certain time when an update is about to be released, as when I did that achievement, 2 or 3 times at night for me, it didn't count because we crashed due to an update for the game.
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