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FredZombie 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 12:15
Engine Error: internal driver error at present
Anyone else getting this error.

I can play one multiplayer game, but once I go into a second game, this error comes up and crashes my game. In the background I hear the audio of an advertisement. I have tried:

- updating video driver
- registry hack found in steam forum
- verified L4D2 game cache
- ran virus scan and adware scan

I have been playing L4D2 for a long time. This just started recently and have never seen this error before.


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Serious 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 1:28 
some times i get that i think its a bug
C=64 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 2:54 
You would be best off blocking the pinion servers in your host file, that way you dont get the pinion adverts loading / playing that cause this crash.


The above link explains how to block them via your host file, i can verify it works.
Dan [RO] 2013. okt. 20. @ de. 8:23 
I have exactly the same problem since the last update. Yesterday was my first time playing after the last update and I get that error.

I also tried:
- updating video driver
- registry hack found in steam forum
- verified L4D2 game cache
- ran virus scan and adware scan
- uninstalled the Antivirus
- blocking the pinion servers suggested by Dexter

Nothing worked.
I noticed that this error happens when I join a modded server and the level in a map changes.
The level loads, the MOTD appears, but then it crashes to desktop with a looping sound and that message.

Are there any other solutions?
Valve please fix this!

Later on: after trying the whole day the above solutions, I have finally uninstalled and reinstalled the game as the last solution. Now works without error...
lol... :S :)

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FredZombie 2013. okt. 20. @ du. 9:11 
Thanks everyone for your replies. I will try uninstalling/reinstalling the game.
Dan [RO] 2013. okt. 21. @ du. 2:07 
This is getting annoying. Yesterday worked fine after a re-install, now it crashes again with the same error.
I didn't do anything to the game nor to the PC.
What is wrong??
Dan [RO] 2013. okt. 25. @ du. 2:06 
After the last update everything is back to normal. Thank you Valve for fixing it, I love this game.
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