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Samuel L.Jackson 2013年10月19日 12時00分
Left 4 Dead 2 has awful bots
I could expect bad bot like this if it would be a 90's game. Anyone else annoyed especially over the survivor bots?
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To the Promised Land 2013年10月19日 13時21分 
yup hate the bots during versus with my friend.For example im being beaten to death while they do either 2 things: 1.they just stand there watching me die and going in circles(90% is ellis) im being killed by a charger and they use one pistol to shoot it(90% is coach)
Mad Ganji Apoc 2013年10月19日 13時47分 
I agree
Sʜᴇɴᴀɴɪɢᴀɴs 2013年10月19日 14時57分 
Happened to me today. She was just watching me and I was like.......Really? I'm going to kill you if I survive this.... LOL
BlackMilk 2013年10月19日 15時04分 
DirtyDianaa の投稿を引用:
Happened to me today. She was just watching me and I was like.......Really? I'm going to kill you if I survive this.... LOL
And then you die, because they get really confused when a smoker grabs you.
Before they can revive you, they're grabbed by a charger, hunter or jockey respectively. Game over!

THEN you can shoot them. And retry again.
Teh creative 2013年10月19日 15時51分 
At least they don't try to kick you, swear and rage quit
Konata ♥ 2013年10月19日 15時59分 
Nobody kick in campaign mod, if u dont sucks.
I was never kicked from the coop mod.
u must be terribad
最近の変更はKonata ♥が行いました; 2013年10月19日 15時59分
Teh creative 2013年10月19日 16時22分 
♥.aNa™ の投稿を引用:
Nobody kick in campaign mod, if u dont sucks.
I was never kicked from the coop mod.
u must be terribad

Nah i just happend to only get the servers with the "pro's".
Professional Chef Goose 2013年10月19日 20時39分 
The same thing just happened to me... I got grabbed by a smoker, Rochelle was down, Coach was grabbed by a hunter and Ellis just stood there, punching zombies with his gun...
Gimmeh Jibbs! 2013年10月19日 21時16分 
The bots do the best with what they can. You have to remember they've got more to manage than the average FPS AI, and nothing will ever be perfect. I agree there are spots where they could be finer-tuned, such as a double-incap scenario, ladders, and line of fire, but they're really not all that terrible.
Having the Improved Bots mod helps a whole lot too.
Incurser 2013年10月20日 1時36分 
Hopefully not so bad in L4D3
✘Clumsy Pootis 2013年10月20日 2時08分 
I once was incapped by a hunter, Coach is already dead, and Ellis got smashed by a charger all the way behind the map. Rochelle who is following me left me after she killed the hunter to help Ellis all the way across the map..
And guess what happens next?
The charger killed Ellis and by the time Rochelle running back to me I died...
Konata ♥ 2013年10月20日 2時44分 
Bots on l4d1 r betta
MeTalHeD 2013年10月20日 2時54分 
The bots have moments of brilliance, like when coach's auto shotgun nails a boomer from a seemingly impossible distance, or in the bushes when you can't see it. They are useless, though, on anything beyond normal difficulty. On normal, they survive just fine, heal you and will help where they can. I can even forgive stupidity like running into acid spit to save an incapped survivor, then getting incapped themselves. The things I don't understand is why they take so long to save you when a smoker clearly is pulling you. They wait until it starts damaging you before freeing you.

If you're on 100 health you can take the 10 damage that it gives. But if the AI director is being mean that day and you're barely dragging your badly beaten carcass to the next saferoom, unless they shoot and kill it quickly, the smoker will be like an annoying mosquito. You're gonna kill it eventually, but it's going to come away with some health and it's going to a irritate you in the process.

Although, to be fair, it would be like a mosquito that could give you malaria and kill you because the smokers can constrict you to death and unless it's one massive mosquito, you're not going to become anaemic too quickly. Still, there's a good enough comparison in there somewhere...
C= 64 2013年10月20日 2時56分 
♥.aNa™ の投稿を引用:
Bots on l4d1 r betta

Yep, the AI programming / pathfinding in l4d2 is lazy at best, where as in l4d1 it is much better - anyone who disagrees go play part 1 put yourself in bad positions as a survivor then do the same in part 2 and compare.
Konata ♥ 2013年10月20日 3時03分 
On L4D2 i seen a new "bug" with bots.

Coach was 1hp and dont heal hiself 2 times. ( I dont take a screenshot )

He was at the middle of the stage, we wait him 8mn...
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