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Uncle Tom 2013년 10월 18일 오후 5시 33분
Game crashes when i enter game
Whenever i start a game and it begins to load the map my game crashes. it has happened for about 2-3 days now and it's very annoying. If anyone has the same problem or has a fix i'd be very thankful. Cheers
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Azrael 2013년 10월 19일 오전 6시 39분 
Same issue...havnt played in about three months, I unistalled and reinstalled but have the same issue. I get a sound loop and then the game crashes.
KzN`Kaldron 2013년 10월 19일 오전 7시 49분 
Same issue for me :( Maybe STEAM/VALVE can resolve it please ??
Uncle Tom 2013년 10월 23일 오후 5시 26분 
I hope so. if i pay money i'd like it to work.
CSn| Der Krieger105 2013년 10월 23일 오후 6시 47분 
Same issue but it happend as soon as I upgraded to windows 8.1
akill69 2013년 10월 24일 오전 2시 10분 
same here i removed the game,♥♥♥♥ing update drive my mad, >vertex issue and now>crash . !!! i will no longer buy valve game they sucks!!!
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