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Is Valve doing anything to stop ddos attacks?
All I've seen with ddos attacks on VS is that it shoots everyones ping sky high and the baby who's ddosing has to remain in the game for it to continue. Can anything be done to prevent it and is Valve even making an attempt? Can the baby be found through logs or a console?
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Sadly no. That is an old issue with l4d2. And it goes way back. But the issue has gotten bigger and bigger.
It seems like someone wants to try and give l4d2 the killing-blow. So the game eventually will die out faster.
I play with at least 400 ping one every server anyhow, so it doesn't matter to me how bad the ping is.
I know how to fix my problem, but I neglet to.
Neil, play in a VS game where someone ddos attacks and then come back and post here. I've played with 999 ping as well but it's more difficult to play when everyone has 999 ping.

Gorman that is sad. I hope Valve can do something to prevent it in L4D3. I've never seen a ddos attack in Team Fortress 2 so it's not impossible to imprement prevention.
Within a few minutes my ping shoots up to 2000-4000 on L4D2. It's unplayable. I've tried different game modes but it's always the same problem. No such issues with TF2.
999 is the highest ping that shows up on my screen. If you're getting those ping numbers then the difference in our connection speed may be the reason mine appears to cap at 999.
Oh, Im so glad that its not just me. My ping in last 5 days always >200.
Your ping always >200 doesn't sound like a l4d2 ddos attack situation. Now if you're playing l4d2 fine then everybodys ping climbs into the mid to high hundreds, someone in your group or on the other team is ddos attacking. Your recent high ping can be from downloading or updating programs as well as malware or a virus.
I dont think high ping is a doss attack it happens when your playing a good game and at the other side you have a raging noob player and he just decided to doss the server just because hes loosing and every player starts to lagg at the same time therefore ending the game completely
dude your steam id is targeted by hackers who can get your unique id off the web and add it to the data base. there is no fix because steam does not care. there thinking is i got your money so to bad. buy another copy. also they want the game to die so they can save on server space bandwidth and cost of the servers they rent for it. my advice to you is contact FBI or homeland and explain that your indiviual rights are being voilated and see if they respond. i doubt they will lol. I know because mine is also targeted.
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Показані коментарі 19 із 9
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